Asociation Seniors Initiatives Centre
Krevos g. 9-2
Kaunas, LT 44236

Edita Šatienė, chairperson

+370 37 200178, 698 31919


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About Us

Association Seniors Initiatives Centre is a nonprofit organization in Kaunas, Lithuania seeking to improve the quality of life of elder people.

Our mission is

Form attitudes and approaches to improving the quality of life of the society and elder people as a social group in the spirit of creativity, tolerance and positive motivation, help seniors to adapt to changes in modern society, encourage their self expression and active participation in social life

By disseminating information and sharing knowledge, boosting creativity, establishing the understanding of self-help and mutual assistance and rendering appropriate services to lonely, disabled and old people


improve elder people's quality of life, ease confrontation between social groups, improve psychological climate of our society and avoid wearing conflicts
Such is the Vision of Seniors Initiatives Centre 

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