The SEVEN-network is the result of several pilot projects that experimented transnational exchanges of senior European Volunteers. This proved to be a powerful educational tool not only for the senior volunteers who take part in projects based in a different European country, but also for the organisations of the civil society and the local communities hosting them.

The network is based on 4 European projects and several bilateral actions between local and regional governments. This network aims at providing a platform for all its participating partners to exchange information, expertise and good practices. It deals with the practical organisation of senior volunteers exchanges, including measures such as pre-departure trainings based on intercultural and intergenerational learning as well as the development of personal skills, a strategy that will accompany the senior volunteers after the periods abroad to include them in social work at local level. It also aims at constituting a permanent “place” of debate on the measures for active ageing and citizenship issues, that address policy-makers at European, National and local level.

Our work mainstreams international voluntary service with specific reference to thecontributions that senior citizens can give to the social, cultural and environmental policies.

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