ALCE - Appetite for Learning Comes with Eating


Grundtvig Multilateral project “Appetite for Learning Comes with Eating! "

Food is not only necessety to survive, but also a subject for conversation, a connecting activity, new knowledge, experiences and people.

ALCE main objectives are to encourage intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, to develope women competences and convey Europe's immaterial cultural heritage  by learning and exchanging food traditions and natural curative methods together. The conjoint product - culinary book "Our Europien culinary traditions and natural curative methods" will be released as a result.

The target groups ALCE fouses on, are:

  • native senior women over 60 years old
  • and young migrant women between 18 and 35 years old

ALCE main objectives are:

  • Active learning by non-formal educating program (30 hours)
  • A book gathering women’s knowledge on culinary and curative traditions
  • Creating European cultural road map events and active participation in them

ALCE (Appetite for Learning Comes with Eating) is a two years Grundtvig Multilateral project under the LifeLong Learning Programme. It involves five partners: CESIE  (Italy), MEH- Merseyside Expanding Horizons (England), VM-Verein Multikulturell (Austria), Elan Interculturell (France) and SIC- Senior Initiative Center (Lithuania).

More information is available on Project website

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